Dry needling is a modern, evidenced based treatment technique performed by our skilled and trained therapist to reduce pain, decrease muscle tension, and improve mobility.  It is often used to shorten the length of recovery and allow our patient’s to return to normal daily activities.  Dry needling helps our licensed physical therapist target conditions on a deeper level to decrease scar tissue, improve motion/flexibility, decrease trigger points, reduce spasms, decrease soreness, and reduce nerve and muscle pain and tightness.

Dry needling works by placing a thin, sterile stainless steel medical grade needle into an area of pain or tightness to ultimately relieve pain, increase the body’s ability to heal, and improve mobility.  The method is referred to as “dry” needling because the needle is inserted without medication.

Our therapist has achieved dry needling certification through specialized training and coursework. Please contact us if you are interested in dry needling treatment.