Our speech therapist is trained in planning, directing, and conducting treatment plans for a diverse group of patients from children to adults with a variety of needs such as dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), cognitive impairments, speech distortions, voice impairments, and language impairments.  In addition, our speech team is educated and trained on neurogenic disorders resulting in communication, language, and/or cognitive impairments.

The ultimate goal of speech therapy is to improve the quality of life.  This may be seen as increasing communication skills using high- and low-tech augmentative devices (i.e. communication boards or assistive technologies such as LAMP, Language Acquisition through Motor Planning, or Proloquo2go) and other compensatory strategies specifically targeting word-finding.  For our patients at risk of aspirating foods and liquids, our therapist helps patients achieve a least restrictive diet that allows for safe consumption of food.  For those struggling with memory (long term and short term), our therapist implements strategies that increase independence in daily functioning through the education and training of memory strategies.  Our speech team is devoted to charting best practices and creating realistic goals that improve overall quality of life.